"The seed for greatness and blissful happiness lies usually in absolute obscurity. In the depths of our misery, discontent, unease, our very human condition, lies that genius which when discovered, cultivated, and nurtured with absolute faith, will unfold the magnificent, exquisite Divine Power, the highest manifestation and essence of who we are as human beings.

Embrace our circumstances we must, no matter what… we must resolve to uncover the elusive and dormant seed of knowledge, wisdom, grace, light …..Our Divine Birthright and True Greatness and nourish it relentlessly till fruition"

Esi Quaidoo


Giving of Ourselves, our Time, Talent, and Treasure is the Fastest and Surest Way to Discover and Live our True Essence and True Greatness.

Since 2006, Dr. Quaidoo and her Team have launched Smile for Life Campaigns and been successful in donating tens of thousands of dollars to Benefit Local Charities including Children's Hospital, Helping Hands for the Disabled, Hopelink, and Seattle's Union Gospel Mission.

In 2007, Dr. Quaidoo partnered with Trident Gum as their National Spokesperson in their ‘Pass Along a Smile' Summer Campaign which raised funds and awareness for Save the Children, a National and Global Non-profit which focuses on Children, Literacy, and Health Issues in impoverished Communities around the Globe.

Since the formation of her private foundations in 2005, Dr Quaidoo has provided Oral Health Screening Exams, Oral Care Supplies, Dental Services and Educational Presentations to hundreds of Orphaned and Underprivileged Children in her native country of Ghana affiliated with Orphan Aid and other Local Schools and Entities.

Dr. Quaidoo is the founder and executive director of the Aquarian Centers for Smile and Life Mastery, , a Washington nonprofit organized to restore smiles and transform lives in underserved communities locally and around the world.

Express your Bliss and Gratitude by joining Dr. Quaidoo in What She Calls the ‘Smile Consciousness Movement' by donating your Treasure directly to the Above Organizations or your Time or Talents in whatever area you are endowed and blessed. THANK YOU!!


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