After Extractions

Wisdom tooth extraction/Routine extraction is a surgical procedure that requires some post-operative care to reduce the chance of infection or other complications. Immediately after surgery, a gauze pad will be placed over the extraction site, which should not be removed for at least 45 minutes, and then discarded after that. If oozing occurs later, fold 2-3 pieces of gauze and place directly on socket and bite with moderate pressure. Avoid Smoking as this can cause a complication known as a dry socket. Dry sockets are excrutiatingly painful. An ice pack may be placed on the side of the face for about 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off to minimize post surgery swelling for the first several hours after surgery. Stay on a soft diet for at least 24 hours or as directed by your provider.  Refrain from drinking from a straw or rinsing the mouth vigorously to ensure that you do not dislodge the blood clot that has formed. Limit your activities that day. You can resume your regular activities the following day.  Take the pain medication as prescribed to reduce the amount of discomfort you feel after the local anesthetic wears off. It is best to take your pain medication before the anesthesia wears off. Nourish your body adequately and drink lots of fluids. Call the office if you have concerns or questions. SMILE! Expect Rapid Healing!

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